Seth Lovis & Co Professional Negligence Solicitors

If faced with the difficult challenge of overcoming a legal issue, you will turn to a solicitor who has a successful track record in representing people who have faced legal issues just like yours.

Choosing the right solicitor to handle your matters is an important decision, and at our firm we strive to make your choice of legal representative a simple one.

Solicitors & Barristers Negligence

Whenever you enter into a relationship with any professional, you expect services that are professional and of the highest calibre.

When bad advice is given and you suffer as a result, you need someone you can turn to for guidance on how best to resolve the issue. more

Conveyancing & Property Negligence

Conveyancing and property transactions can often involve many detailed steps and a complex procedure.

If corners are cut or elements of the transaction process are overlooked, it is the client who will suffer. more

Personal Injury Negligence

Personal injury matters can present a number of challenges, including physical, emotional and financial complexities.

If you have retained representation from a solicitor who failed to provide accurate advice or settled your claim too early or for too little, you may be able to bring a claim against him or her to recover compensation. more

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution describes the various alternative options to resolving a dispute outside or alongside the litigation process.

Our solicitors are adept at resolving matters through ADR. In most situations, reaching a resolution outside of court costs less and is less time consuming. Many courts encourage the use of ADR. Read more

Surveyors Negligence

If a surveyor has given you bad advice on property valuation it is wise to seek guidance from a legal expert in the area of professional negligence.

You may be able to bring a claim and recover compensation for your financial loss. At Seth Lovis & Co., we employ a team of qualified professional negligence solicitors who have the understanding and expertise to advise you and represent you on any such claim. more

Architects Negligence

When you retain a professional, you place your trust and faith in the services that he or she is retained to provide.

If the professional fails to provide competent advice and you suffer a financial loss, you may be able to bring a professional negligence claim. more

Accountants Negligence

Individuals, businesses and other organisations can require advice and services from accountants throughout the year.

The advice given by an accountant can have an effect on a number of other related matters, such as tax. more

Mortgage Broker Negligence

Claims against financial advisers (IFAs) and mortgage brokers are increasingly common particularly in the area of financial mis-selling

Our professional negligence solicitors are experts in mis-sold mortgage compensation claims and can act for you on a no win no fee basis, so you do not pay anything if your claim is not successful. more

London Professional Negligence Solicitors

Dynamic, Forward-Thinking and Experienced London Solicitors

If a professional has acted for you and provided poor advice which has resulted in a financial loss, we can help you bring a claim. Seth Lovis & Co. is located in London and represents clients in the legal area of professional negligence . We are committed to providing legal advice and representation of the highest quality.

Our Advantage

We are litigation experts with extensive experience in the areas of commercial litigation, property litigation, personal injury, employment, company commercial, conveyancing and other property transactions and professional negligence. Representing clients in these legal fields gives us a unique insight into handling professional negligence claims arising from such areas. We understand these cases from all angles

and can promptly identify when a professional has failed to provide competent advice. Being able to understand cases from this perspective allows us to more effectively help our clients.

Making a Professional Negligence Claim

The test to be applied is whether the mistake by the professional is one which no reasonably competent professional should have made in the same circumstances and whether it has caused the client any financial loss. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge enable us to advise you at an early stage on whether you have a claim and how best to proceed.

The timeframe for bringing a professional negligence claim is typically six years from the act of negligence. However, this will often depend upon the particular circumstances of the case and so can

sometimes be longer. It is sensible to seek advice from a solicitor even if you believe the professional's negligence was more than six years ago, as you still may be able to bring a claim.

Funding Your Claim

At Seth Lovis & Co., funding your claim is made simple with a variety of flexible fee arrangements. We will try to find a cost solution that fits your particular needs; this may include acting under a conditional fee (or 'no win/no fee') arrangement.

Serving London and the Home Counties

To book an initial consultation with one of our London professional negligence solicitors, please contact us online or phone 0330 400 5800.