Our 'Streamline' Fixed Fee Service

'Streamline' - how to get legal help for small claims

What is Streamline?

Our Streamline service is designed to help clients get legal help with smaller professional negligence claims. Because the court rules do not generally allow you to recover your legal costs from the other side in a small claim, our Streamline Service enables you obtain advice and help with your claim without having to pay too much. 

How does it work?

You pay a modest (fixed) fee for a particular piece of advice or action. For example, you pay a fixed fee for us to review the papers and give you advice on the merits of your case and then a fixed fee for us to write a letter of claim. You are totally in control of your legal costs at all times. You can pick and choose what you want us to do to fit in with your budget and how much you want to spend bearing in mind the value of your claim.

Here is an example...

You believe your conveyancing solicitor was negligent because he failed to advise you that there was a right of way across your garden for others to use. You have only recently found this out and you want to know what you can do about it. You have spoken to an estate agent who tells you that your property is now worth £5,000 - £10,000 less because of this right of way.

We will have a free, no obligation discussion with you and suggest that because the value of your claim would appear to be for £5,000 - £10,000, your claim is likely to be a 'small claim' and so it may not be cost-effective to instruct us to act for you under an Hourly Rate Retainer or a CFA. We would suggest that the best way to get legal help for your professional negligence claim would be to use our Streamline Service.  

You can then choose what you want us to do. You can choose to pay a fixed fee for us to review the papers and advise on the merits of the claim and then either write a letter of claim to the solicitors or instruct an expert surveyor to provide a preliminary opinion on the value of your claim (which you would need if you proceed with your claim through the courts) and then a letter of claim.

Very reasonable fixed fees

These are designed to be affordable so that you can pursue your professional negligence claim with the benefit of legal help.

You can read more about the Streamline Service and the costs here

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Straightforward Legal Advice

Regardless of how you decide to fund your claim, we are committed to finding a reasonable and cost-effective solution for your legal issue.

We will advise you at the outset about any liability you may have for legal costs and will make sure you are comfortable with the action we intend to take on your behalf before proceeding.

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