Accountants Negligence Claims

Our law firm specialise in advising clients who have received negligent advice from their accountant. If you and/or your business partner believe your firm of accountants have provided you with negligent advice which has caused significant financial loss, you may be able to make a claim against your accountants for negligence.  

If you are worried you may have recieved negligent advice from your accountants and would like to discuss the possibility of a compensation claim, then please contact our expert negligence solicitors today by phone or by email.  

We are a leading Legal 500 law firm with offices in central London. We act for many clients in negligence claims throughout England and Wales. We offer all new clients a free initial telpehone consultation where we will advise on the merits of a potential claim against your accountants. Contact us today by calling 0330 134 2582. 

Accountants Negligence Claims 

Individuals, businesses and other organisations can require advice and services from accountants throughout the year. The advice given by an accountant can have an effect on a number of other related matters, such as tax.

If you have suffered a financial loss because your accountant has made errors in the completion of a tax return or in preparing company accounts, or has given bad advice, you may be able to bring a professional negligence claim against that accountant.

Seth Lovis & Co. can provide informed and practical legal advice. Our firm represents clients throughout London in professional negligence claims, including claims against solicitors and barristers, surveyors, architects, financial advisers and accountants.

Negligent Tax Advice

Individuals and businesses can suffer greatly if their accountant provides wrong advice on tax issues. Simply getting a tax return wrong can put an individual or business in a compromising position with HMRC and can cause it to have to pay monies not due or incur late fees. If an organisation makes an important business decision based on advice from an accountant which is in fact wrong advice, then the repercussions can be enormous and the losses substantial.

We are experienced commercial litigators who act on behalf of individuals and companies on a range of legal issues. By closely working with our commercial and property departments, we have developed a knowledge and understanding of the relevant issues involved in certain transactions which in turn enables us to understand clearly the relevant issues. We understand the duties of all professionals involved in these transactions and can therefore readily identify whether he or she (whether accountant, solicitor or financial adviser, for instance) has failed in those duties.

Limitation for Accountant Negligence Claims

There are time limits to bring a professional negligence claim. You have 6 years from the act of negligence or 3 years from the date of knowledge to start court proceedings for a claim for professional negligence. The test for ascertaining the date of knowledge is when a reasonable person ought to have realised that there was a risk that negligence had occurred. There is a long stop date of 15 years from the act of negligence after which a claim may not be brought regardless of the date of knowledge. If you do not bring your claim in time, then your claim will usually be lost forever.

How Can I Pay for My Claim?

At Seth Lovis & Co., we offer cost-effective legal solutions to meet your needs. There are many ways of funding your claim. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to offer a conditional fee (or no win/no fee) agreement.

Contact our Solicitors Today

Seth Lovis & Co. offers a range of legal services. We are happy to book consultations at your convenience. Initial consultations are free. Contact our professional negligence solicitors online or by phone on 0330 134 2582.

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