Negligent ATE Insurance Advice

Have you lost a case and been ordered to pay the other side's costs?

If so, did your solicitors advise you to take out an insurance policy (known as 'ATE insurance') in case you lost and had to pay the other side's costs?

If they didn't then they may have been negligent and you may be able to claim your losses back from them. These will generally be the costs you have been ordered to pay less the cost of an ATE premium (on the basis that this would have been payable by you had you been advised to take out ATE insurance)

We have considerable experience acting for people against their former solicitors where they have failed to advise their clients about the availability of ATE insurance. Contact us today by phone to speak with one of our expert ATE negligence solicitors or submit an enquiry using the form to the right of this page and we will call you to discuss your enquiry in more detail. 


There are time limits to bring a professional negligence claim. You have 6 years from the act of negligence or 3 years from the date of knowledge to start court proceedings for a claim for professional negligence. The test for ascertaining the date of knowledge is when a reasonable person ought to have realised that there was a risk that negligence had occurred. There is a long stop date of 15 years from the act of negligence after which a claim may not be brought regardless of the date of knowledge. If you do not bring your claim in time, then your claim will usually be lost forever.

Funding your claim

We offer a number of options to fund professional negligence claims including Conditional Fee Agreements and fixed fees.

See If You Can Claim Now

Simply call our specialist professional negligence solicitors on 0330 134 2582 or e-mail us at to discuss whether you have a claim.


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