Personal Injury Solicitor Negligence

Personal injury matters can present a number of challenges, including physical, emotional and financial complexities. If you have retained representation from a solicitor who failed to provide accurate advice or settled your claim too early or for too little, you may be able to bring a claim against him or her to recover compensation.

Seth Lovis & Co.'s professional negligence team act for individuals in legal claims against solicitors and barristers who have been negligent as well as in other professional negligence claims. Our solicitors are experienced in acting for those who have been negligently advised and will take a proactive approach to helping you resolve your legal situation.

Personal Injury Negligence by Solicitors and Barristers

Many personal injury negligence situations involve a solicitor (or barrister) who has failed to properly advise his or her client, often when he or she has under-settled a claim. Other situations may involve a failure to get necessary evidence to prove the extent of the injuries suffered by the client or to demonstrate other financial losses, for instance, loss of earnings, or where the solicitor received negligent advice from a retained medical expert (in which case there may also be a claim against the expert).

Assessing the amount of compensation to which a client is entitled for a particular injury is not an exact science. There are, however, guidelines laid down by the court which should assist the lawyer when determining the relevant amount. These guidelines often give a bracket, and it is when the solicitor or barrister advises a client to settle the claim for a sum outside the relevant bracket that he or she may be negligent.

Seth Lovis & Co. has a large personal injury department which has considerable experience in acting for clients in claims for personal injury and is therefore well-placed to advise on the right level of compensation in a particular case. Our professional negligence team will work closely with the personal injury team in these types of claims.

Recent Changes

Now, expert witnesses who provided negligent advice in court proceedings (whether in court or in an expert report) may be held accountable to their clients. This can include doctors, engineers, accountants, surveyors or other professionals who give expert advice or opinion in legal cases. Our solicitors will examine the situation and use their detailed knowledge and experience to determine if you may be entitled to compensation for negligent advice from a court expert.

Legal Costs That Fit Your Budget

We are pleased to offer to our clients a number of options for funding their claims, including the option of a conditional fee ('no win/no fee') agreement. This is an arrangement that few firms and solicitors in London offer for professional negligence claims.

London Solicitors Serving Clients in a Wide Range OF Personal Injury Negligence Matters

Our London personal injury negligence solicitors will assist you in bringing a claim to recover compensation for your financial losses. Please contact us online or by phone on 0330 400 5800 to arrange a free initial consultation.

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